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Jessica James started her music journey at the age of 3, when she stepped on her first stage to sing “The Lord is My Sheppard” for her home church in Florida. By the time she turned 7, Jessica had written her first song and put together a girl group of three singers including herself called “Steps To Christ”. Jessica performed with the group as the lead vocalist at several church events and children’s festivals. Shortly after the group was formed Jessica moved out of the country with her parents to Limón, Costa Rica. In only 3 months she learned how to read, write, speak, and sing Spanish. During Jessica’s time in Costa Rica she became well known for her singing. Most of her weekends and free time outside of school was spent traveling the country to perform. Jessica received an award in 2004 from the city of Limón, Costa Rica for her service to the community, and for representing her school by singing the Costa Rican National Anthem at the largest independence day annual celebration in the city. This event was attended by the mayor and thousands of people from all over the country.

In 2005, Jessica moved back to the U.S. where she continued her musical path in Greenville, SC by joining her high school choir and performing as the lead soloist in school talent shows and local plays. She was also the guest singer at her high school graduation which was held at the TD Convention Center in Greenville, SC. Years later, Jessica joined the praise and worship team at Redemption World Outreach Center; one of largest mega churches in the Upstate, where she sang for over a year. In addition to singing at the church, Jessica was also performing as a guest singer at concerts, and shows all over the upstate and Georgia. People who heard Jessica sing, started referring to her as the “Angelic Singer” because of her ability to bring people to tears with her sweet voice.

The sweet voice of the “Angelic Singer” was silenced for almost a year in 2012, after discovering she had vocal nodules. Shortly after recovering from the vocal nodules, Jessica wrote and recorded a single for her fans entitled “Magnetic”. The song was produced and engineered by top producer Noel Golden, who is known for working with artists such as Matchbox Twenty, Guns and Roses, Edwin Mccain, Hootie and the Blowfish and many more. Jessica released “Magnetic” to her fans in 2013 on ITunes and other major digital music outlets. Jessica also performed “Magnetic” at the well known Nashville Connection Song Writing event in 2014 for known writer Sam Tate, vocal coach Dave Brooks, VP of A&R for Warner Music, Nashville Cris Lacy, and Ceo of Icon Studios Stone Stafford. The song also received radio play on local radio station 105.7 The Source, where Jessica was also interviewed live on air with talk show host Traci Fant. “Magnetic” continues to receive plays by several national and global blog radio stations such as rocker’s dive radio and phenomenal radio.

As an artist coming from a multi-cultural background, the singer, songwriter, and vocalist, prides herself in being different and she believes that constantly embracing growth and evolution of self is key to her success. Jessica considers herself an artistic masterpiece in the making, because she is always pushing herself to perfect and improve her craft. The “Angelic Singer’s” style has now evolved into an explosive fusion of Pop and R&B, with a hint of Soft Rock. One of Jessica’s supporters described her voice as a superpower, and said she is a superhero meant to save people from their darkest moments. Jessica credits God completely for her gifts, and she hopes to change lives by sharing her experiences, her passion, and her heart with the world, through music.